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Dear Oswegatchie School Community,


We held our January Town Meetings today .  At the morning Town Meeting  Mrs. Edwards Class  shared their writing on how they can be Peacemakers. The writing was inspired by their study of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   Mrs. Hullivan’s Class shared their Book,  How to Survive Second Grade  using the Storytelling App  Shadow Puppet.  At the afternoon Town Meeting  Mrs. Zaccaro’s Class shared their artwork  using a PowerPoint Presentation and  Mrs. Trott’s Class shared their Winter Poems with their Peers.
OSW Student Council members Kyan Somers, Victoria Sturm, Cameron Brown, Rhys Tickner,  Cienna Nummy, and Francesca DeSantis attended the 2017 CAS Elementary School Student Leadership Conference at Three Rivers Community College on Thursday, January 12th, 2017.
Students participated in many  leadership/teamwork activities including; Creative Problem Solving  with a Team, Interactive & Leadership Theater, The Spoken Word: The 4 Elements of Hip Hop – Rapping, DJing, Graffiti, Breakdancing, Building a Growth Mindset  and Effective Upstander Strategies (as opposed to a Bystander) when dealing with bullying.
Student Council advisors,  Mrs. Castelpoggi and Mrs. McDonald attended an informational session: Look For the Good Project (Gratitude  Project) and plan to either raise funds to purchase the project, or utilize some of the strategies learned from the session to promote thankfulness & positive thinking at Oswegatchie School.
 The six students who attended are creating teacher lesson plans for each of the activities to share with Oswegatchie School teachers and will go into classrooms to teach/run the activities.
Just a reminder that our Family Science Night will be held next Friday night, January 27th at 6:00 p.m. Please see the enclosed flyer for details.







Mr. Ozmun

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